Welcome to Coburg Community Charter School!  We are a public charter school located in the town of Coburg, OR.  We offer a small, community based, rural schooling option for families interested in small class sizes and community based learning.  We operate under a charter agreement with our sponsoring school district, Eugene 4j.  However, we are an independent non-profit corporation with our own governing board of directors, staff and budget.  We invite you to check out our website to learn more about our school!
2014-15 School Calendar    CCCS 2014-15 Calendar-[Adopted]                          
Dress Code Changes  Changes to the CCCS dress code were formally adopted by the BOD on June 16th. Please take a moment to review the information (please note that we are talking about clothing items when we say: no logos, bling, decorations, etc.)   2014-15 Dress Code Changes
Staffing Updates  We are thrilled to give you an update on our new classroom teacher/staffing hires! Each teacher comes to us with a well-rounded, diverse background, in addition to being passionate about small, community schools and our commitment to the CCCS Mission & Vision. .

1st Grade – Kimberly Crank
4th Grade - Elyse Elder
5th Grade – Alex Child
6th Grade – Lauren Goracke
Instructional Assistant – Susan Welch
Music, Band & Choir – Daniel Powell

Administrative Team   Shara MonDragon will move from the classroom into and administrative support position next year. Shara is our PBIS lead and has done great work in the area of emotional intelligence. As a three year veteran of CCCS, Shara will work closely as a mentor teacher to our new teachers. Shara’s roles are still being defined but will include counseling support, administrative assistant support, 8th grade transition to high school, and teacher mentoring.

Community Coordinator   We are excited to announce that Jen Kelly has been hired as our new community coordinator. Jen grew up in Coburg and went to the old Coburg Elementary. She has strong community connections, in addition to a background in health and P.E. Look for emails from her this summer highlighting opportunities in the Coburg community.


          HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!!!






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